Take-off Take-off

A take-off, or as it is called usually in technical language, a Material Take-off, (MTO) is a construction and engineering term that refers to the list of materials that will be used in building a specific structure or item within the structure.

The take-off list is generated by the analysis of the blueprint, or by the analysis of other documents created by the design crew which cover materials.

The Take-off is an Estimate

The take-off is a kind of estimate, and therefore is not expected to be exact.  The take-off estimates of both the amount of material and also of the physical weight of the materials necessary in a project.  The take-off is a useful tool in the case of a company dealing with heavy items, in trying to determine how best to move these items in the construction process. After the take-off has been created, it is then used in the creation of the bill of materials, or BOM.



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