Take the Right Walk-In Closet Dimensions

Make sure you get the right measurements when taking walk in closet dimensions. A walk in closet is a popular amenity when remodeling a master bedroom. It adds value to the home and helps keep clothes, shoes, and accessories organized and all in one place. The walk in closet dimensions should be taken carefully to make sure you get just the right fit and don't have to redo it or make drastic changes.

Measure Depth First
This is the measurement that can throw off the entire walk in closet. If you are installing a walk in closet system, or building one from scratch, the depth of your closet must be carefully measured. Take this measurement in two ways. First, set a tape measure on the floor and measure front to back. Next, put the tape measure about should high and do the same thing. Hopefully the measurements are the same. If not, you will have to work with shimming the back for a good, tight fit.

Measure the Height
Three places in your walk in closet dimensions should be taken for height. Start at the front of the walk in closet and measure from top to bottom. Move to the center of the room and do the same thing. The go to the back of the closet and to either corner to take the measurement. Again, the measurements should be the same. If not, then not the difference in case you have to level out rods and shelves.

Measure the Width
The last walk in closet dimension is the width of the closet. From side to side you should measure in the front, in the center, and in the back of the closet. This doesn't have much impact on the overall system, but you should make sure this measurement is accurate.