Taking Care of Rattan Furniture

For some people, a piece of rattan furniture is an exotic highlight to a room while others can furnish their whole house with it. Rattan is certainly a very adaptable material for furniture but, like wood, benefits from a little care and attention.


Although rattan is now making more appearances as outdoor furniture, it isn’t really hardy enough to last long


Keep your rattan furniture indoors and preferably out of direct sunlight. Rattan is made from a vine and sunlight can dry it out and weaken and bleach it very quickly.

Do Not Wet Rattan

Clean the rattan surface with a cloth barely damp with a mixture of a small amount of cleaning liquid and water making sure not to wet the wood.

Lattice Work and Crevices

Use a soft toothbrush to clean in any wicker rattan, lattice work or crevices

Remove Stains Quickly

Use a detergent and a harsh cloth to remove any stains as soon as they happen. Stains caused by liquids will be soaked into the rattan very quickly and become impossible to remove.

Splits and Cracks

If you spot split or cracked areas, apply a small amount of linseed oil or a wood moisturizer to help the wood recover. It won’t mend the cracks and splits but the wood might swell slightly and become more flexible so that they become less noticeable

Protect Furniture Legs

Cushion the feet of rattan furniture with rubber pads or grommets. This will help prevent splitting of the legs of the furniture.

If you keep your rattan furniture cleaned on a very regular basis it will last longer and avoid the need for more vigorous cleaning efforts because of a build up.