Tangerine Tangerine

There is nothing quite like the snappy tang of a ripe tangerine on a cold winter's day.

Tangerine has two big advantages, especially when used as a wintertime color: it is warm, and it is bright, which mean that it's sure to pick up the mood in a room that's suffering from even a severe case of the winter blahs.

Let's say you have a bedroom that you've spent a little too much time in lately, because you've been trapped in the house by that three foot snow drift outside the door. Try a collection of brightly-colored opaque glass vases on the windowsill, and watch the room brighten in an instant. Here, it's the tangerine vase that really makes this grouping stand out.


  • Tip: Tangerine, you can see, requires a certain delicacy of touch. It's best when used playfully, such as with accessories or a bright floral arrangement.


Tangerine may seem like a bold move for anything as large as a piece of upholstered furniture or the covering for a wall, but if treated right, it can brighten a room without overwhelming it. Here, we see a lovely curved chair with graceful lines which is perfectly outfitted in tangerine.


This chair works well with tangerine in part because it's small, so the color doesn't take over. But it also works because of its delicate, feminine style; an overstuffed easy chair, or a recliner, would probably look too big if done up in tangerine.

Tangerine will even work well as a wall color. Tangerine walls, with cream trim, may remind you of the orange creamsicles of your childhood. Add upholstered furniture in a tangerine and cream pattern, or tangerine and forest green, and you've now got a room that will stay bright and cheerful year 'round.

As you can see, tangerine works well with other colors such as pale blue, for a bright, contemporary look, or a light beige or soft brown for something more classical. Of course, most greens will help enhance tangerine, as will off-whites and creams.

With tangerine - a little, or a lot - you can bring the sweet warmth of summer citrus to any room, pulling yourself through winter and into the promise of spring.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Interior Design

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