Doing Taxes Online

Doing your own taxes online is both time-saving and easy on the pocketbook. The Internet offers a great deal in the way of tax preparation, from forms in Adobe PDF format to tax advice, hints, and tips. Tax preparation is a long and sometimes difficult process, and it is a great deal easier these days thanks to the World Wide Web. If you don't have a difficult tax situation, then doing your taxes online is the way to go. Nowadays, most sites are very intuitive, and there is little room for error. Here we discuss online tax services, how to access them, and what they offer.


Millions of returns were filed last year online from home computers. This shows how popular and easy E-Filing is. The government has created a system that allows you to file online, often for free. Free File is also available in Spanish, and you can log into the program 24/7 to work on your taxes. They offer checks for errors, Direct Deposit to your bank, and because it is a governmental site, is safe and secure.

If you made over $54 thousand, then use E-File at the IRS website. The process is the same for free E-filing, but there is a fee for use of the service. You also have the ability to pay your taxes, if any, and work with professionals to get your taxes completed.

What Is Free File?

Free file is a free online service that is supported by the IRS and is an electronic filing system for eligible taxpayers. It is run by the IRS, so you can be sure that it will not leave you in a bad tax situation. Free File Alliance LLC partners with the IRS to bring you this service. The Alliance is a group of tax filing software companies in the private sector. You have the ability to access this software online to prepare your taxes.

Who Is to Free File?

It is available to taxpayers who have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $54 thousand or less. Individual state requirements apply for using the software available.

What if I Make over $54 Thousand Annually?

You are still allowed to use this service, but a fee will be applied for using it. It is available to everyone who wishes to file their own taxes.

Is It Available in Spanish?

Yes. On site there is a special page entitled Version en Espagnol that Spanish people can access.

Does Free File Offer Services for State Taxes?

Because of the varied tax filing procedures between states, many of the companies in the Alliance do not offer this service. However, you can use a tool onsite called "Guide Me To A Company" to determine' if they will help with state taxes.

Is Customer Service Available if I Have Trouble?

Yes, sometimes. Check on a Free File Alliance website to see if they offer this service. Remember, the site is comprised of many different companies that form the Alliance, each having their own website.

What if I need Help Filing My taxes?

The Free file website has a link on the site entitled "Help with Tax Questions" that you can access. This link can be used to ask the IRS any general tax question you might have. Remember, the site is set up to answer generic questions only, and will not be of much help if you have a very specific question.

Intuit's Free Service

Like all other software makers, Intuit -- the maker of Turbo Tax, Quicken, and QuickBooks -- is a good resource for people who file their own taxes via software. Intuit, a leader in tax preparation software, has online services for lower income families that are planning on doing their own taxes. If you make $25,000.00 or less, Intuit offers web-based federal and state tax preparation and e-file services free of charge.

The Internet has made it very easy for people to file their income taxes. The many free services are also a boon to people with low incomes or those who struggle with tax preparation. Use the services available, and make tax time this year easy.