Techniques for Fixing a Doorway Threshold Techniques for Fixing a Doorway Threshold

Fixing a damaged doorway threshold is something you have to do so your home will be protected from leaks of air, thus saving money for heating and cooling bills. It’s not a hard job to fix a threshold, and here are a few techniques you can use:

First, figure out what kind of doorway threshold you want to use for your doorway. Some of the more common kinds are aluminum, rubber, and wood. Each of these is fixed with a different method because of the difference in materials.

Checking to See How much Damage There is

The first step is to determine the extent of the damage to your existing doorway threshold. The most common kinds of damage to those made of wood include rot and insect contamination, or splitting wood. If it’s one made of rubber, sometimes they wear out, or a working spring or other part may break in an aluminum threshold, and that makes the threshold worthless because it won’t perform properly.

Removing the Damaged Pieces or the Whole Threshold as Needed

If you find only part of the threshold is damaged, it might be possible to just remove that section and replace it. If there is extensive damage, you must take off the entire old threshold piece. Whichever it is, use a hammer and pull out the nails, or a screwdriver to remove a metal one. Be careful if there is rotten wood, as it may fall apart as you take it off. Sometimes, you need a wood chisel to chop out the wood.

Another thing to be aware of is that if there are concrete steps, and the wood under is rotten, it’s hard to get it all out. It’s common for doorways like that to have a large amount of wood under the concrete area of the stairs. If you have to dig out a large portion of it, you may have to fill in any gaps with concrete or other type of filler before you can replace a threshold.

Fixing or Replacing the Threshold

Depending on whether or not you are just repairing part of, or putting in a whole new doorway threshold, you may need to use wooden shims, which are thin pieces of flexible wood; used to fill in the cracks, since the original threshold probably has shifted since it was installed. If repairing one section, you need to cut a piece of wood to fit the area that you have removed. Be sure to carefully measure the new piece of wood to fit the part that you removed, and then place it in the area and use nails or screws to hold it down.

If you are totally replacing it, then you have to measure the space it goes in, buy the new door threshold piece, cut it to size and install it according to manufacturer’s directions.

A doorway threshold is a very necessary part of your door if you want to keep out air leaks, as well as unwanted pests like bugs or mice, and save money on your heating and cooling bills.

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