Techniques for Using Vinegar to Clean Waxed Vinyl Floors

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Vinyl floors are often the choice for kitchens and bathrooms when an economic choice is required without sacrificing too much style. Vinyl floors are the least expensive flooring you can find and are known for their ability to be cleaned easily. Vinyl floors are resistant to stains, but dirt and grime can sometimes be a problem, as can oil. Vinegar is a great green cleaner that will not only remove stains and oil but also disinfect the area you are cleaning. Vinyl floors have a thin layer of wax on them so that the design stays intact and the tiles are protected from water. Vinegar is one of the few products that can be used on vinyl flooring in order to keep it clean and keep the wax where it belongs: on the tile. The article below will share techniques you can use to clean vinyl floors with vinegar.

Use the Right Vinegar

You cannot use just any type of vinegar to clean. Red wine vinegar includes acids and solvents produced in the making of wine. These byproducts can actually stain the vinyl floors instead of cleaning them. These same byproducts also weaken the wax on the vinyl and the vinegar itself. The same applies to white wine vinegar as well as so-called “cooking wine.” Cooking wine is nearly the same as red wine vinegar but can be created with other alcohols. These have a tremendous salt content, which will also damage the vinyl. Use only white distilled vinegar as a cleaner. This is pure vinegar and is the most potent.

Wipe and Don't Scrub

Owners of vinyl floors often scrub vinyl as they would countertops or porcelain tile. This is a mistake. Scrubbing vinyl floors will remove the wax coating, which leaves them open for water damage and scuffing. The best thing you can do is simply wipe off the vinyl floors with very minimal pressure.

Soft Cleaning

Another problem that you have with cleaning vinyl floors is what you clean them with. Vinegar is the substance, but the tool matters as well. Never use anything that is stiff or overly coarse, as this will easily damage the vinyl floors and its wax coating. You can use a brush with soft bristles, such as a soft toothbrush, but the best tool at your disposal will be a terrycloth towel. These towels are very soft and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine to use later.

Soak the Vinyl

Everyone is in a rush these days. No one actually wants to spend the entire day cleaning. This is understandable. Scrimping on cleaning time will, however, cause the vinyl floors not to get properly cleaned. The vinegar needs time to work on the stain before being wiped away. You cannot simply spray on vinegar and then wipe the spot and expect it to be clean. This especially applies to such things as blood and scuff marks. Allow the vinegar to soak on the vinyl flooring for several minutes prior to wiping it down.