Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand

Primarily used in commercial and professional applications, a telescoping pressure washer wand adds up to 24 feet to the reach of a pressure washer gun. Spray down large trucks, marquis signs, industrial equipment and building walls much more effectively with a telescoping wand attachment. Like pressure washer hoses, telescoping wands come with a maximum PSI rating and a flow rate measured in gallons per minute. A pressure washer wand provides quick-connect inlet ports for hoses and attachments and may be rated for chemical applications. 

Wand Design

A telescoping pressure washer wand, when in storage position, sits about 6 feet high. Additional length is added to the wand during operation by pulling out successively narrower sections stored within the largest shaft. Depending on the model, a telescoping wand usually has a maximum reach of 18 to 24 feet. At the low end of the main shaft is a built-in handle with a quick-connect coupler for easy accessory attachment. A spray gun attaches to the top end for pressurized water emission.

Cost and Application

Priced between $100 and $250, telescoping pressure washer wands are available from General Pump, Cam Spray and the Mi TM Corp among other manufacturers. Professional cleanup crews have the most use for a telescoping wand, but homeowners with RVs, large outbuildings or high roof eaves might find use for one as well.