Telling the Difference Between an Electric Heat Pump and a Gas Pack

If you have use an electric heat pump or a gas pack to heat your home, then it is vital that you know the difference between the two. There can be quite a few differences in electric heat and gas heat. If you have an older home, you may have gas heat. Quite a few new homes have electric heat or a combination of the two.

Electric Heat Pump

A lot of the new homes have electric heat pumps for heating their homes. Heat pumps can serve two purposes. They can be used for heating and cooling your home. A heat pump will take the air at the lower temperature and heat it to a high temperature and move the air from one location to another. A heat pump has the ability to change which coil will be the condenser and which one will be the evaporator. Electric heat pumps may come with a reversing valve that will allow this type of change to take place. You will have a thermostat that will control the temperature of the heat in the home.

Gas Pack

Gas packs or gas heating will heat a home quite nicely. Gas heating requires a pilot light to be lit in order for the gas to heat the home. Gas comes in two forms. Natural gas and propane gas and if you have natural gas, you need a pilot light to light the furnace. Natural gas is supplied by the gas company. Propane gas is supplied by a different gas company that will bring a big tank that sits outside in your yard that will furnish your home with gas. Propane gas can be cheaper than natural gas.

Depending on the size of tank that you have, you will fill it at the beginning of the cold season. You may be able to go all winter without filling it again. Natural gas is paid for once a month and can be quite expensive. With gas, you need to check to be sure everything is working properly before it turns cold. You need to do repairs or maintenance on a pilot light or other parts that deal with a gas furnace, especially the older models. Old coal conversion furnaces are usually turned to gas heating rather than to electric heat pumps. These use forced air to heat the home. Gas also has a particular smell to it when it first starts up. Thermostats also regulate the temperature in the home as well.

As you can see, there are many differences between gas packs or gas heat and electric heat pumps. They both will heat your home equally well. Choosing gas heat or electric heat is up to you. Many people prefer electric heat over gas because they don’t they don’t like the smell of gas and they don’t like how expensive gas can be. Gas can be very noisy as well. Radiant heat is more quiet and efficient. It can move the air around instead of using forced air. They both have their good and bad points but they also both have the same purpose and that is to heat your home and keep you warm. So whether you use an electric heat pump or gas it can be up to you and what you like best.