Temperature-Controlled Foundation Vents

When you are trying to protect your home from pests or bugs, it is a good idea to invest in temperature-controlled foundation vents. These vents help keep your foundation dry, which keeps them from cracking and letting in insects. The temperature-controlled foundation vents have coils inside of them that will automatically open and close the vent when it reaches certain temperatures.

• Determine if you need temperature-controlled foundation vents in your home. Look for damp areas in your basement, or signs that your foundation is cracked or weakening.

• Install the vents on at least three walls, each within three feet of a corner. Each vent should be about eight to ten feet away from each other, so you may need to add extra vents along long walls.

• Replace old vents by unscrewing them and remove the excess mortar around them.

• Check to make sure that the vents are working the next time that the temperature changes.

Electrically Powered Temperature-Controlled Foundation Vents

Electrically powered temperature-controlled foundation vents may be the best option for very wet areas. They have a fan inside of them that helps pull moisture out of the air. Insects like warm and moist areas, so the powered temperature-controlled foundation vents help deprive them of this.