Tenon Saw vs Dovetail Saw

If you are looking for a great quality saw, then a dovetail saw may be be right for you. A dovetail saw is great for smooth cuts, but it still has competition from tenon saws. Here are some details about these saws:

Tenon Saw For The Times

A tenon saw is often referred to as a backsaw or hand saw. It has a stiffened edge and gives you the same stability as a dovetail saw. The edges in a tenon saw are usually made of metal or wood. Very much like a dovetail saw, the tenon saw's main function is to cut across the grain. People normally use tenon saws for woodworking and making furniture. Tenon saws have stood the test of time, and they will be with us for some time to come.

The Great Dovetail Saw

The great thing about the dovetail saw is that it cuts in fine points, and has thin blades. It also cuts across the grain, very much like the tenon saw. The dovetail saw also cuts specific corners and points. You also have dovetail saws that have a very distinct rip saw pattern. These are excellent saws for woodwork and design patterns.