Termite Tenting: Renter's Rights Explained

termites on wood

As a renter, you will need to be aware of your rights when your landlord decides to make improvements, including eliminating termites through tenting. Termite tenting is the process of ridding your house of termites by fumigating them. When the owner decides to fumigate, it may cause you extra expenses.

1. Fumigating Termites

To properly fumigate properties you will need to leave the property for a couple of days. The building needs to be tented so that the dangerous chemicals cannot escape. These chemicals are very dangerous and also toxic to humans, which is why you need to leave the property. This can cause problems if you rent a building with more than one person, because termite tenting cannot happen until all of the tenants have left.

2. Expenses

The law does not state whether or not the temporary costs of living outside of the building will be paid for or not. This will need to be discussed with your landlord. Some landlords will offer money for inconvenience and also provide alternative accommodation.

It could feasibly cost you more than you currently rent your apartment, which means if you have to pay all of these expenses yourself you may have to spend more than double your normal rent.

3. Your Rights

It's important that anyone renting a property fully understands their rights and responsibilities. It is not your responsibility to tent the property because you did not cause or affect the infestation. However, since you will be required to leave the building for a couple of days, it will cost you some money. Depending on your landlord they may be able to come to an arrangement where you do not have to pay your month's rent to make up for the inconvenience while you are out of the property.

Discuss this with your landlord to find out the help that they can offer while you are out of the building. They will need to do a lot of organizing, and should be willing to deal with residents who are helpful and willing to get out of the building.

4. How Fumigation Works

Termite tenting is another name for termite fumigation and is one of the easiest ways of ridding buildings of wood termites. This is an expensive procedure, which is why it's normally only used on large infestations.

This is an effective treatment option, although it won't be able to kill any eggs or pests that are deeply burrowed into the wood. These should, however, starve to death because they don't get any food. It's a legal requirement to tent your building before sale if you have a termite infestation.

Fumigation is very dangerous and needs to be treated with respect. You should always hire a professional to fumigate your property and should never attempt to tent your property yourself.

5. Getting Advice

Renting a property can be very confusing and difficult to know exactly what your rights are. If you are at all confused you can talk to a lawyer or search the internet for advice. The law is different in various states, and you will have different rights. That's why you need to understand what you are allowed to do.

By understanding your rights you will be able to find a way to limit your costs.