Terms of the Trade: What is a Taboret?

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The term taboret (also tabouret or tabourett) can refer either to a short stool, a small stand, or a cabinet that may have drawers or shelves. In the context of a design studio, a taboret is usually a storage solution for portfolios or tools, which can include any combination of shelf, drawer, and desk space. In a slightly older sense, it can also be a display stand for a plant or piece of art, or even a simple standalone table for a beverage.

a short stool with plaid fabric cover

In the royal French court of the 17th century, a tabouret was a backless and armless but finely crafted and luxuriously appointed chair—a place of honor for visiting aristocrats to sit in audience with monarchs. Its name comes from the Old French word for drum (tabour), since its design was historically cylindrical and short.