Terms of the Trade: What is a Weep Screed?

metal siding screed for drainage layer under stucco

Weep screeds are sections of trim that create a drainage edge for siding, helping prevent surfaces like stucco from accumulating moisture damage. They're usually made of metal or PVC.

Attached along the bottom of a wall, they allow moisture to escape through regular slots or holes instead of building up behind the siding surface, where it could potentially cause problems over time.

stucco wall under construction with metal weep screed bottom

Weep screeds also help hold the stucco above them in place during construction, since they're mounted to the wall and feature a supportive lip. This protrusion needs to be elevated from the foundation or ground beneath it, giving any water somewhere to go as it drips out.

If moisture can't escape from beneath stucco siding, it can gradually lead to the formation of mold and mildew, posing health hazards and potentially contributing to structural damage.

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