Terms of the Trade: What is an Explosion Box?

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Exploding boxes are hand crafted gifts made from layers of paper and card stock. They incorporate elements of scrapbooking, card making, and origami, and often feature photographs, hand written notes, and personalized design flourishes using a wide variety of materials.

On the outside, explosion boxes look like any other gift container. Once their ribbon is pulled or wrapping paper removed, they begin to fold out, piece by piece. They can contain a little physical gift at their center, but the fun part for both gift giver and recipient is walking through all the little treasures tucked into the cascading layers—from precious memories to inside jokes to heartfelt sentiments.

If you're starting from scratch, you can find printable templates online (or even pre-constructed blank, foldout boxes), then make your own special creation using whatever pictures and decorations feel right for the person you're celebrating. It's the thought that counts, and depending on how elaborate you choose to get, your handmade bursting boxes are among the most thoughtful gifts you can give.