Terms of the Trade: What Is the Difference Between a Drywall and a Wood Screw?

When it comes to fastening materials together, there are a lot of options. But making the wrong choice could cause an unsatisfactory result or put a roadblock in your progress. The wood screw and the drywall screw are common pieces of hardware, but they’re designed to accomplish different tasks. A wood screw is used to hold two pieces of wood together and has a sharp point on the end. It has an unthreaded section just below a flat head so that it can easily slide through the first piece of board to attach the two together. A drywall screw is used to attach drywall to wood or metal, but shouldn’t be used to fasten wood boards together. Because the length of the screw is threaded all the way, the top of the screw can anchor in the top board, keeping the two apart instead of fastened together.