Terms of the Trade: What Is Weatherstripping?

A person installs weatherstripping to a window.

When it comes to saving money on utility bills and keeping the elements out of the house, weatherstripping is the way to go. The term applies to the process of sealing windows, doors, and other openings in the house, as well as to the actual materials used. Depending on the area that needs attention, you may find yourself purchasing weatherstripping made of felt, rubber, vinyl, metal, or other materials. While the method of sealing will be different for each application—adhesive backed foam sticks to window sashes and spring metal strips fit inside window tracks or around doors—it’s all in an attempt to keep the hot or cold air, rain, and wind out of the home. Weatherstripping can be easily accomplished with minimal DIY skill, and is usually done as a fall chore before the weather gets cool.