Terrazzo Tile Shower Base Pros and Cons

A Terrazzo Tile is the most adaptable tiling option available for shower bases. It is created by mixing granite, marble, glass chips or quartz into a cement binder.


Terrazzo Tile is a tremendous choice for your shower base for many reasons. It pulls off a look that’s just as spectacular as ceramic tiles or pure stones for a lesser price. You can also choose just about any color or design you want because terrazzo tiles are made by combining various of the chipped elements together. It is also a much more durable material compared to its ceramic and stone competitors. As long as it’s properly sealed, it is resistant to stain and water damage, and it won’t chip like other materials.


A terrazzo tile shower base can often cause falls because it can be very slippery. So, for families with kids or elderly people, this may not be a good choice. You can ask the contractor to add nonslip additives to its surface if you really want to get terrazzo tile for your shower base. Additionally, unless the terrazzo has an adequate layer of polish, it may be subject to getting deeply stained.

Your terrazzo tile shower base can stay beautiful for decades as long as you care for it properly.