The 5 Best Materials for Building Green Furniture

Building your own green furniture is a great way to put your eco-friendly ideals into practice. Understanding the qualities of green materials will better allow you to understand the purpose they can be put to and how they will benefit you.


Due to its beneficial qualities and the fact that it originates from a sustainable source, bamboo is an ideal material to use for the production of use green furniture. It is a versatile material that can be used to create many different pieces of furniture from rugs to privacy screens. Besides there being several different types of bamboo available, you will also be able to create a design of your choice with paints and stains. The durable nature of it means that it will last for a significant period and will not require replacement. You will also be safe in the knowledge that bamboo does not require the use of pesticides to aid its growth.

Reclaimed Materials

Whether it was used as flooring in a refurbished property or was previously a piece of furniture, making use of reclaimed wood is a fantastic way to create green furniture. There are a great number of circumstances in which wood is being thrown out or furniture is being sold cheaply or even being given away. Obtaining wood in this manner will allow you to prevent it from going to landfill or being used as firewood and using it instead to create a new item of furniture. Metals and plastics can also be recovered from existing furniture that is to be disassembled, recycled or thrown away and reused as part of the furniture you are to build.                      

Sustainably Sourced Wood

Where you do require fresh wood to build green furniture, obtain it from a supplier who is able to provide proof that it comes from a sustainable source. With a greater emphasis being placed on the environment, there are more and more companies on the market that supply sustainable materials. These companies will often be able to confirm exactly where the wood comes from and how many trees were planted to replace those that were cut down to produce the wood you have been supplied. This option will also give you a range of different woods to choose from.   


For upholstery and furniture covers to make up part of your green furniture, choose hemp or organic cotton that comes from a renewable source. Hemp is a hardy plant that grows well without the need for any toxic substances and is easy to renew. If color is required, make sure the dyes and paints that you use are natural and non-toxic.

Recycled Materials

Due to the fact that many types of materials are able to be recycled, it is possible to find good quality components that are ideal for use to make your furniture. The advance of technology means that these materials will be as strong and durable as their newly made counterparts. Further, this option will also be more likely to create a unique piece of furniture.