The 5 Main Ginseng Varieties

Ginseng is known for being native to Asia as well as many parts of Russia, however, there are so many other varieties even found in the North Americas.  Some of the varieties are much more readily available and affordable, others are rare and difficult to find. Here is a description of the five most common gensing varieties.

1. Cultivated Gensing

Cultivated ginseng is one of the most common exports to the United States. Not found in the wild, it is grown and cultivated at farms throughout Asia.  It is also known as cultivated oriental ginseng.  

2. American Ginseng

American Ginseng is another commonly available herb product in the US. While it is similar to wild American ginseng, it is cultivated as a crop rather than grown naturally.  

3. Oriental Ginseng

Oriental ginseng is arguably the most famous of all ginsengs. However, it is more difficult to find at an affordable price.  

4. White Ginseng

White Ginseng is another common form of the plant, but in this form, it refers to the root of the plant that has been dried and later used for consumption.  

5. Red Panax Ginseng

Red panax ginseng is very popular throughout Asia, especially Korea. The roots of the ginseng plant, in this case, have been boiled to the point that they turn a red color. Older, more mature roots are used in this process and are said to have more potent nutrients.