The 5 Most Popular Carpet Colors and Styles

Colored carpet swatches.

There are hundreds of different carpet colors to choose from these days. No matter what style decor you have in your home, there will always be a carpet color to suit it. Some colors and styles are more popular than others. If you need a little inspiration, why not opt for one of the current top five carpet colors and styles?

1. Warm Colors

Warm colors such as red really help to brighten up the room and create a cosy ambience. Red carpets often go well with neutral and warm colored walls and are especially effective in living rooms. Family rooms, in particular, can benefit from a dark red carpet. As well as creating a great accent, it also hides stains particularly well.

If your room lacks natural light then a red carpet will help to brighten up the room. A great tip is to place a red colored carpet in high traffic areas. The hallway and living room typically have the most foot traffic so consider placing a red carpet in those areas.

2. Popular Colors

The most popular carpet color is beige although it has an undeserved reputation for looking dull and being a little too safe. However, the great thing about beige is that it compliments most other colors. No matter what color the walls in a room are, beige will almost certainly blend in well.

Beige carpets can also make a room look larger than it actually is. Therefore, if you have limited room space, you can use beige to enhance it. Opt for a high quality beige carpet wherever possible. This is because newer neutral carpets use built-in stain-resistant fabrics. This goes some way towards eliminating the worry about placing the beige carpet in a high traffic area.

3. Earthy Tones

A modern carpet trend is the use of earthy tones. Greens, light blues and stone colors all help to create a calm, serene atmosphere. In today’s modern home, the increasingly popular oriental and earthy tones can be essential. Earthy tones typically look best in either the bathroom or the living room. However, they will show up stains and dirt easily so avoid placing them in high traffic areas that see large levels of child or pet activity.

4. Shag Pile Carpets

The shag pile carpet has increased in popularity over the years. It was incredibly popular in the 1970’s and has recently come back into fashion in many homes. It is a luxury-level carpet style that looks great in the bedroom. As newer homes become more synonymous with quality, shag pile carpets are typically fitted as standard.

5. Twisted Pile Carpets

The most popular style of carpet by far is the twisted pile carpet. They come in a large variety of plain carpet colors. The yarn in the carpet has been tightly twisted and the loops are cut to achieve the finished style. One advantage to this type of carpet is that it comes at a variety of different prices. Therefore, no matter what your budget, you will always be able to afford a twisted pile carpet to suit your own personal requirements.

These five most popular carpet colors and styles are sure to liven up any room. While you've narrowed down your selection, you still have plenty to choose from to fit your personal style.