The Advantages of Using Bamboo Planks

Bamboo planks have become an increasingly popular flooring option, for a variety of reasons. This is just what we shall be highlighting in additional detail hereunder.


Bamboo planks are a very versatile flooring option. They can be found in a range of colors and tones, to help you suit your wishes and other decorative considerations and accessories in the particular room. The fact that they have a natural, earth tone, in their original version, is also appealing for a lot of people. This tone gives a rustic feeling, and enhances the atmosphere of the room. Furthermore, if complimented with other accessories, such as bamboo shades, bamboo furniture, or even bamboo wall slats, the natural feeling is emphasized even further.


Bamboo planks are a relatively durable type of flooring. The weight of the bamboo, and its density, makes it seem like wood, although actually it is a grass. Obviously, the more you make it a point to care for it, the more it will be protected from possible damages such as cracking or chipping.


Bamboo flooring is a relatively affordable alternative. When compared with other flooring materials, especially wooden ones, the overall cost is quite advantageous. In fact, many people who cannot afford wood flooring, are increasingly opting for bamboo flooring.

Easy to Maintain

Bamboo is relatively easy to maintain, and in fact it can be used in various rooms and settings. It will be beneficial if you make it a point to take basic precautionary measures, to further ensure its longevity. For instance, it is a good idea to prevent moving furniture directly over the floor, so as to avoid scratching it or marking it unnecessarily. There are furniture coasters which can help to protect the bamboo planks underneath. Another aspect is the need to try to avoid spills or stains, although in most cases, a mild wood cleanser will be enough to remove stains. Apart from these rather basic factors, bamboo flooring planks are easily cared for. Simply engaging in regular sweeping, and then wiping with a soft, damp floor cloth, will suffice to keep them in a good condition. There is no need to use a lot of water. You can also add some mild, wood-safe floor cleaner to the water, so as to clean it more thoroughly.

Environmental Friendly

Bamboo is a resource which is available in abundant amounts in several countries, and it has the advantage of growing quickly. Hence, using bamboo planks for your flooring is also a way of giving some attention to our environmental concerns.

Easy to Install

Another advantage of bamboo flooring, is the fact that it is relatively easy to install. Hence, you can try to save money by installing it yourself, rather than having to hire anyone. Most manufacturers supply bamboo planks ready cut to suit the dimensions of the room where you would like to have them installed. Some manufacturers make them in such a way that one piece interlocks to the one next to it. Basic tools such as a screw-gun or nail-gun are enough. It can also be glued down.