The Advantages of Using Ceramic Brake Pads The Advantages of Using Ceramic Brake Pads

There are many advantages to using ceramic brake pads compared with other brake materials. The quality of performance can enhance the driving experience and when it is time to replace your brake pads, ceramic brakes are definitely worth installing.


The first obvious advantage is that ceramic brakes attract and produce much less dust than metallic or other brakes. Ceramic brakes are far less prone to disintegration and therefore, are longer lasting.


No one likes to hear squeaks and squeals from their brakes every time they bring their car to a stop. It is annoyingly ear splitting to hear a high pitched scream come from your brakes. Ceramic brakes are noted for their noise reduction properties which offer a far more comfortable ride.

Brake Power

Owing to ceramic brakes’ structural integrity, they are far more able to resist heat and friction caused by braking. The result of this is that they are far more efficient during the braking process. Not only are they less noisy and dusty, but they also increase the stopping capabilities of the car.

Against the Rotors

Normally, as a metallic brake pad wears down, they become corrosive to the rotors, too. They can create thin groove lines that will misshape the rotors, meaning that they too will need replacing more often. Ceramic pads are less harmful to the rotors of your car and so, again, they increase longevity of rotors as well as the pads.

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