The Basics of Caring for Outdoor Tile

Outdoor Tile can improve the appearance of your patio or yard. Ideally, the tile you lay outdoor should last for a lifetime, so you should learn a few basics for caring for your outdoor tile.

Choose the Outdoor Tile

Your choice of tiles is essential to ensure they are suitable for the outdoors and will be easy to maintain. The most frequently used types of outdoor tile include:

  • Brick paver tiles, very sturdy and weather resistant
  • Quarry tiles, less porous than the brick tiles, but just as resistant

Apply Protective Coating

A sealer is typically applied for outdoor tiles, as this will protect the tiles from harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain or freezing. Before applying the sealer, make sure you wash the tiles and allow to dry completely. Apply the sealer with a paintbrush or a roller. Apply 2 coatings, where necessary, especially in areas that are more heavily used. If the protective coating wears off after a few years, use a sander to remove the remaining sealer and reapply.

Choose Suitable Cleaners

Certain detergents may damage the protective layer on the outdoor tile, so make sure you only use suitable cleaners. Opt for a TSP (tri sodium phosphate) based cleaner.

Clean Regularly

You should clean your outdoor tiles at least once per season, making sure to remove all accumulated dirt.