The Benefits of a Slide in Electric Range with Downdraft

Using a slide in electric range with a downdraft ventilation system ensures that there is no need to invest in an overhead hood with which to capture smoke, steam and odors. This kind of electric range also helps ensure that kitchen air remains fresh at all times. Modern slide in electric ranges are precision crafted and have unique styling, making them high performance appliances that are transforming kitchens in terms of design and cooking ability. This also helps in making entertaining a whole lot more enjoyable.

No Spillage

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a slide-in electric range with downdraft is that there is very little gap between range and the countertop and this helps to ensure minimal seepage into gaps.

Convection Self-Cleaning

Convection self-cleaning ensures that owners will not be bothered or have to expend any effort in having to scrub the oven from inside.

Precise Air Convection System

With the help of a reversing fan, heat and air will be circulated more evenly and this makes for improved and more consistent baking and browning of foods.

Comfort, Convenience and Electrical Protection

With a well designed downdraft system, it is possible to enjoy more comfort, convenience and, in addition, there is better electrical protection as well. If a snorkel design is being used, it ensures that the downdraft system can be raised to about 8 ½ inches over the cooktop’s surface (when in use) and then it can be retracted when the electric range is not in use. These features, along with simple installation procedures make such electrical ranges ideal for regular use.

Easier Installation

A duct-free downdraft helps to make installation of the electric range easier and more flexible. For people that live in high-rise apartments, this can prove to be an especially important benefit as it ensures that from tiny galley-styled kitchens to larger kitchens (thanks to modern downdraft ventilation technology) it is easy to install the electric range away from walls. In fact, the electric range can be located in any part of the kitchen. This leads to more creative and free kitchen designs resulting in a better atmosphere.

An Ideal Alternative

Downdraft ventilation is an alternative to standard overhead venting hoods. It involves using hidden fans that can run at various speeds and will capture steam, smoke and odors from the cooktop surface and pull these out of a kitchen. All these features mean that the cooktop works with higher velocity exhaust air patterns at or close to the cooking surface. At the same time it helps to remove grease as well as smoke that will be suspended first and then be made to travel through the ducting system.

High Heat Searing

Electric ranges with downdraft ventilation also allow for higher heat searing. Even when cooking dishes that give off excessive smoke, the downdraft ventilation system will, without needing to open any windows, get rid of the excessive smoke and so makes cooking such dishes very easy and convenient. Best of all, the better electrical ranges are designed to ensure that excess air can be pulled away without disturbing gas flames. Because of a special “V” shaped downward design of burners, there is no risk of drippings collecting and clogging up burner ports.