The Benefits of Building a Duck Pond The Benefits of Building a Duck Pond

You can create a duck pond yourself, or if your property already has a pond on it, you can transform it for this purpose. There are many benefits associated with building a duck pond, including monetary benefits and an increase in the beauty of your property. Consider the following as you decide whether to build a duck pond on your property.

Increased Home Value

There is no bigger investment than your home. Your home can directly influence your credit rating, the amount of equity you can draw from and the resale value of the property. In order to increase that property value, you need to improve the home and that property. This can be done by adding storm windows, creating an extension, putting in a pool and even adding a duck pond.

Relaxation Area

Life can be incredibly stressful, and as such, it is nice to have a place to escape and get away from the daily grind. A duck pond, like a koi pond, creates a serene area ideal for this purpose. You can place several chairs around the duck pond and just enjoy nature at its best.

Watering Hole

If you have several types of farm animals like goats, cows and the like, then a duck pond can become a natural watering hole for them. You can not watch after the animals on your property every hour of every day, so the duck pond becomes a place for them to drink. It also provides them a place to cool off during hot days.


If you are an avid hunter with a lot of spare area on your property, then a duck pond may be a welcomed addition to your property. The trick to having a duck pond on your property is making sure it is stocked with ducks. You can purchase many ducks from various pet stores or, if you provide suitable fish, then the ducks will come to you during their normal periods of migration. This will give you plenty of time to hunt ducks on your own time without worrying about going to other spots to hunt. You can also offer any ducks to local restaurants for a profit.


A duck pond can do more than just provide and area of relaxation or a place to hunt—it can also be used as a safe haven for ducks. Many hunters will choose known watering holes for expeditions, but building a duck pond will entice flocks to stop at yours. Once they have settled in to your space, they will make a habit out of it and will avoid other places that may prove dangerous to them.

Fire Safety

A duck pond gives firefighters an alternative to using hydrants as a supply for water. A pumper truck can use the water from your pond to put out fires in an emergency.

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