The Benefits of Canvas Roman Shades The Benefits of Canvas Roman Shades

Revered for their decorative fabrics, a myriad of mounting styles and shade-like operation, Roman shades are gaining favor with homeowners and designers, even though they have been around for centuries. Sporting the additional benefits of an eco-friendly composition and outstanding lighting control, canvas Roman shades are popular staples of the green design movement. When you find yourself evaluating window design options, consider these benefits of canvas Roman shades.

Lighting Control & Energy Savings

Perhaps the most versatile of the Roman shade family, canvas Roman shades comprised of 100 percent cotton can control light based on the tightness of the weave and lining options. Without a liner, these shades can range from light-filtering loose weaves to room-darkening close-knit weaves. Light-filtering Roman shades allow natural sunlight to brighten a room while providing moderate privacy, although silhouettes may be visible within lighted rooms. Room-darkening, blackout and thermal liners can be installed for added privacy and energy efficiency.


Canvas Roman shades complement many design styles and locations. Their natural fibers and color options fit well with modern, country, French and Japanese styles, to name a few. You can dress them up to accent bedroom and living room windows, or let the simple elegance of white canvasshades inspire spa-like serenity in bathrooms and pool areas. Nude or softly tanned shades comprised of a thicker, sturdier weaves provide excellent natural backdrops for plants in patios and sunrooms.


Unlike blinds or other Roman shade styles like woven woods that offer design limitations, canvas Roman shades can stand alone or incorporate other design elements to create stunning focal points. Canvas soaks in color well, and as a result, can be found in a myriad of patterns and design choices. Rigid canvas material empowers even white or neutral-toned shades to serve as the sole window treatments in the right setting. Adorn canvas Roman shades with valances and cornices for simple, yet elegant windows. Have a flair for the dramatic? Canvas Roman shades even work well as backdrops to sheer Roman shades or elaborate curtains.

Abundant Style Choices

The consistency and marketability of canvas makes it a staple material offered by Roman shade dealers and retailers. Flat canvas Roman shades lay straight when fully closed and stack into successive layers when drawn. Hobbled varieties fold into rolling stacks while up and relax to soft loops when down. Top down/bottom up options are usually offered with both styles. These permit you to move the shades up from the down position, down from the top position or in both directions at the same time. This provides additional flexibility to control how the sunlight filters into the room.

Whether you are looking to preserve the natural integrity of a rustic cabin or for a stylish backdrop to stunning drapes, canvas Roman shades are a safe style choice. Still afraid to take the leap? Request samples from vendors and try out different looks before fully committing to anything.

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