The Benefits of Playing on a Grass Tennis Court

A grass tennis court is the game’s most challenging court. It is also the first surface to ever host a tennis game. Originally, all tennis games were played on grass. Later, clay, hard and carpet joined the roster of tennis court surfaces. As technology advanced, synthetic grass was born as an alternative to the high-maintenance natural grass tennis courts.

Consequently the inclusion of varying court surfaces into the professional tennis game brought on differences with players’ games. Being the championships’ playing surface, grass is yet to be derailed from the spotlight. What truly brings the edge to a grass tennis court? Here’s a little exploration:


It’s a proven point that many of the best tennis players who win on a grass tennis court are stronger and faster. Often they play the serve and volley game that suits well with the grass factor. Scientifically speaking, grass pumps up the speed because grass is slicker than the rest of the tennis court surfaces. Grass results in low bounces which require quicker reflexes. This causes the player to adjust in a nanosecond against the force of gravity to be able to hit the ball back. Games played on grass are often quick and points are gained for speed. There is a higher adrenalin rush that takes your game further.


As it is, grass is often much more slippery. Growing on less denser soil than that of today’s courts at Wimbledon, grass is still the championship court. This requires players to not only move swiftly, but also to adjust the finer details of their stance. If you play on a grass tennis court, the requirement for you is to immediately make minute calculations of how you run, stand and prepare for a match on grass. You have to constantly be aware of yourself and the grass. You have to keep an eye on your footwork which is likely trained on hard or clay surface. The grass tennis court trains you to have more control and agility than any other court surface.

On clay or on a hard surface, you don’t worry about slipping. The grass tennis court responds differently. You have to think differently to anticipate an attack because the playing field is far more challenging.


In the speed of the game, your focus cannot be lost. In a game of tennis on a grass tennis court, the game is all about focus. As the grass makes a slippery low bounce, top players play on it. They strive to lessen bounce in their court and to put the disadvantage to the opponent’s court. It’s literally a cat and mouse game that requires speed, agility, control and most importantly focus. On a grass tennis court, your undivided attention is necessary. The benefits, as you keep an unerring eye on the ball, is training on focus, intense focus. If you lose a single moment of focus, then your game will cascade down to the bottom. Focus is everything in tennis or in any thing for that matter.

However you win, focus is the training for a fast hand on a grass tennis court.