The Benefits of Titanium Hammers

Titanium hammers are causing a stir in the world of hammers that has long been dominated by steel-made tools. Like all hammers, the right titanium hammer for your task is determined by the weight of the head and the handle to which it is attached. The head weight is particularly important because you need just the right force to drive in a nail without causing damage to the workface or to your arm’s elbow. The handle should be securely affixed to the head and its fabrication material should be resilient enough to withstand shocks which result in splintering or shattering. Titanium hammers are normally fitted with either wooden or fiberglass handles. The former type do last long if the hammer is properly used and the latter are credited with the ability to resist shrinking and swelling as well as breaking.

Titanium Hammers Ease Your Work

Titanium hammers are endearing themselves to a great many users because they are reputed to facilitate fast and easy work. This ability is due to the fact that a titanium hammer is lighter in weight when compared to the conventional steel hammer. A lighter hammer can be lifted and dropped on the target much faster and in so doing the time it takes to drive in a nail into the wood is reduced considerably. A fewer number of hits is therefore required to get the job done and as such the lightweight titanium hammer user will get tired less. The stress that is normally felt on the elbows is greatly reduced as well.

More Efficient

The comparison of titanium hammers and steel hammers also elicits some valid points in favor of the former. In addition to the speed of use and lightness of titanium hammers that has been described, these hammers are also credited with transferring a greater force onto the target as compared to the steel-made options. The nail is subjected to a greater force. With a steel hammer more of the force intended for a nail is soaked up in the hammer recoil and lost as energy.


Issues of weight come to the fore again. The seasoned hammer user will concur that a lighter hammer will guarantee more control more so when the workface is awkwardly positioned. Portability is similarly eased. In terms of the features, titanium hammers are made with much of the same details that are included in steel hammers. The hammers do come with holding slits and claws which are all meant to recover nails that did not go in as planned.