The Benefits Of Using A Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is made of woven polyethylene and has UV inhibitors. It has thermal bubbles, which hold heat overnight and on cloudy days. It is also called a thermal blanket.

Reduce Evaporation

Pool solar covers decrease two kinds of evaporation:

  • Water evaporation
  • Chemical evaporation

A pool without a solar swimming pool cover can loose several pounds of chlorine in a single day. The water evaporation is reduced by as much as 95 percent.


The cover decreases heating expenses by 70 percent or more. A solar pool cover can increase the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees.

Vinyl Covers

The advantage of a vinyl solar pool cover is that it is made of a heavier material. Its life expectancy is longer than a polyethylene cover. Some vinyl pool covers have an insulated layer in the middle of two vinyl sheets, which is flexible.

Colors Explained

Some colors transfer more heat than other colors. The clear solar pool covers block less of the sun's energy than blue solar blankets. The more energy absorbed the more heat is transferred.

  • Clear covers block 5 to 15 percent
  • Blue covers block 20 to 40 percent

Some pool solar covers are constructed with a silver coating that reflects heat into the pool.

Solar Pool Reels

There are two types of solar pool reels:

  • In ground pool reels
  • Above ground pool reels

The solar pool reel used for an in ground pool is usually on wheels for convenience. The solar pool reel for an above ground pool normally is attached to the pool's railing.