The Benefits of Using Oval Exhaust Tubing

Exhaust tubing.

You can get conversion kits to switch over to oval exhaust tubing, by getting round-to-oval conversion adapters and fitting them into your system. The round exhaust makes for a standard look, where the oval exhaust looks sharper and has an aerodynamic quality that straight round pipes do not have. The sweep of your overall exhaust system can affect the back pressure, which in turn affects the power curve of the vehicle's engine. You want to ensure that there is a proper balance between the two high- and low-pressure environments as not to lose horsepower in the engine.

Split Pipes and Bent Exhaust Pipes

Your oval exhaust tubing comes in many shapes and sizes and can easily be molded to the shapes you want your pipes to express. They can convert your round pipes into oval through the use of special adapters. You can take a single pipe and split it into two separate lines to add a fancy look or accent to your vehicle.

You can get many shapes of oval exhaust tubing to shape your lines, all the way to the rear of the vehicle. You can split them over and over again, adding chrome headers wherever you choose along the path. If it is the line after the muffler, it is an open game and your imagination and checkbook is the limit.

Round to Oval Conversion Kits

Oval exhaust tubing can also convert back the other way so that it is oval going into a round line as well, which allows artists to express themselves in how the exhaust system is displayed and set up. You can go with a round-to-oval conversion from the headers, into an oval-to-round converted pipe, and back to the muffler.

You can even find oval exhaust tubing that converts on a split pipe convex from round to oval or the other way around without any problems. The cost comes into play when you deal with the gauge and quality of the metal that the material is made from and this is a deciding factor in all automotive stores.

For older engines that are meant to stand out, but not meet performance advancements such as acceleration and efficiency, the oval exhaust tubing can make a considerable difference in the way its exhaust system looks to a crowd. The audience can be taken in by the strange ways the piping is oval and twists in and out of the engine compartment, a visual illusion.

Performance Concerns

In oval exhaust tubing exhaust systems, you may find some power changes, such as loss of back pressure and excess fuel buildup and leakage. You will want a certified technician to calibrate the place that your oval-from-round pipe conversion takes place. You don't want to lose your air pressure, or back pressure which helps the power curve of your vehicle, making your vehicle go from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds or 0 to 60 in 20 seconds. You lose a lot of horsepower from the leakage of back pressure.