The Benefits to Having Teflon in Pipe Sealant

When you use pipe sealant, you’re usually faced with two options. One is known as pipe dope and is dark grey in color. The other is Teflon pipe dope which is also known as Teflon pipe sealant. They both have different uses and there are certain benefits to using Teflon pipe sealant when making connections.

Permanent Joints

You can use Teflon pipe sealant on pipes where the join will be permanent although you can also use regular pipe dope. Much of the choice is down to personal preference but the big advantage with Teflon is that it’s easier to loosen the joints off if you ever want to open them and change things.

Teflon pipe sealant will give just as hard and firm a seal as pipe dope under most circumstances. It will last the life of a joint quite easily without giving way or leaking and has the extra security of being easy to loosen.

End Use Items

Where you’re applying pipe sealant to end use items such as shower heads or stop flow valves, Teflon pipe sealant is usually the sealant of choice. The reason for this is mostly aesthetic. The color of regular pipe dope is quite unsightly whereas Teflon pipe sealant dries clear. This makes it far more pleasing aesthetically because it becomes invisible to the eye.


It’s far less messy to apply Teflon pipe sealant than pipe dope. The Teflon makes things less sticky on the fingers and far easier to remove. It is also easier to clean up an area when you’ve finished using the item. When you have a lot of pipe work to do, especially on end use fitting, a fast clean up can speed the job along a great deal.


It’s important to have Teflon pipe sealant with the right rating for the job you’re going to undertake. For example, if you’re going to be working on gas pipes, the sealant has to be rated for that job or it won’t work effectively. Similarly, if the sealant will be used on automobile cooling systems, it needs to have the appropriate rating.

It’s important to know that you can use Teflon pipe sealant on black iron pipe. This is used for natural gas supply to your furnace or to your water heater. It’s crucial that no leakage occurs because the effects can be deadly.

Teflon Tape

Teflon pipe sealant is easier to use than Teflon tape because you only need to quickly spread it over the threads of the pipe to establish the join. This will help the job go faster and you don’t need to make cuts to ensure that the tape is evenly distributed over the threads. A can of sealant will also last a lot longer than a roll of Teflon tape.


Teflon pipe sealant is approved for use on plastics which isn’t the case with some pipe dope because it can actually melt it. Teflon pipe sealant has no compatibility problems with plastic which makes it extremely versatile.