The Best 6 Types of Freshwater Fishing Boats

There are plenty of different freshwater fishing boats that an angler can choose from. They range in variety from simple to elaborate in what they can do and how they perform. When shopping for a new boat it is easy to be overwhelmed at the sheer number of different types, sizes, and makes. The best way to choose from the number of freshwater fishing boats available is to know what best suites your needs. Here are a few of the best freshwater fishing boats to choose from in your search.

Bass Boat

Perhaps the most popular among the many different types of freshwater fishing boats is the bass boat. This is a sleek boat that has a deck around the boat for standing and casting. There are several live wells on board for keeping fish that you caught alive, or for bait fish. They can be powered with the use of an outboard motor and have an auxiliary electric motor for trolling and moving around logs, lilypads and rocky shores.

All Purpose Boat

These are also sleek in design, but can be used for more purposes other than fishing. Many people purchase this type of boat for water skiing, and other types of water recreation. However, they are great for fishing also. This type of boat has either an outboard or an inboard motor that is controlled with a steering wheel and throttle. There are several rod holders, live wells, and seats around the boat for ease of fishing. There is also an open bow for sitting or fishing.

Center Console Boat

This is most often called a skiff. However, they are great for fishing low water areas and rivers. The center steering column is usually high for standing or sitting on a platform seat. This type of boat features a flat bottom, with a high rising bow. The interior is open for ease of walking around and placement of rod holders.

Deck Boat

Often times this boat is also called a party boat. This is a great fishing boat in any type of water with its pontoon flotation and flat deck area. The great thing about a deck boat is that they can be customized to the way that the customer wants to have their deck set up. Steering center, seats, live wells, cover, and even coolers can be situated according any desire. Because of the flat deck, fishing can be done off any side with ease.

Flat Boat

A flat bottomed boat, or otherwise known as a jonboat, is one of the more popular forms of boat used in backwaters and shallow lakes. The flat bottom of this boat makes them quite stable in the water and they ride high in the water. They can easily navigate in waters that are less than 10 inches deep. Ranging from 6 to 12 feet, these boats are great for on the go fishing.

Aluminum Fishing Boat

The standard go to fishing boat for many people is a regular aluminum fishing boat. This boat has a V shaped hull that broadens out to a flat bottom. Generally suited for 2 to 4 passengers, they are operated with an outboard motor in the rear and manual operation.