The Best Air Purifier for a Baby Room

It is very important for the baby to breathe healthy air that is free from all pollutants. Fresh and healthy breath makes it easy to breath for little one and help cope with illness that are caused by bacteria, allergens, germs, dust, mold spores, smoke, and pet dander in the air. 

For healthy air, consider investing in an air purifier. These electronic devices aim to clean the indoor air through filters and collection grids that collect the bacteria and air particles. This prevents the circulation of harmful agents around the room. The second advantage of using these air purifiers is that they provide white noise that many babies find calming. Moreover, this noise drowns all other noises in the house. 

It is a good idea to install the air purifier much before the baby arrives. This will allow you to have a clean room that is free from all odours and harmful particles. 

When purchasing a HEPA air purifier for the baby’s nursery, keep these tips in mind to select the best air purifier. 

  • Purchase an air purifier that promises to remove 99.97 % of particles of 0.3 microns or less. Many air purifiers claim to be ‘HEPA-like’. However, these are not recommendable.

  • It is important to select the air purifier according to the need. If dust is the issue, get an air purifier that specifically removes all dust particles while if the problem is smoke; get one to remove all smoke particles and odours. For example, the IQAir is superb for babies with severe allergies, Allerair is great for smoke control and chemical sensitivities, and Airfree kills mold spores.

  • Air purifiers are not forever and need to be replaced. Thus, consider investing in a 5-year filter life that would save you money and time.

  • Make sure the air purifier comes with a warranty period. Generally, air purifiers come with 5 years warranty.

  • Maintenance must be carried out without fail as per the product specifications.