The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods You Don't Know The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods You Don't Know

Although there are many carpet cleaning methods available, there are a few that you may not have tried yet. The following options are some that you not have heard of but are definitely worth trying out on your carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method uses a rotary floor machine on your carpet. On the bottom of the machine, there is a round absorbent pad which will grab all of the dirt and grime in your carpet. The machine sprays detergent onto the carpet and the absorbent pad rotates the detergent into your carpet. This a pretty effective method to get your carpet clean.

Foam Cleaning

A foam machine dispenses foam detergent and presses it into the carpet with brushes. The foam detergent penetrates deeper into your carpet because of the brushes. After the detergent has been dispersed throughout your carpet, a good vacuum will complete the process.

The Rug Stick

This is the easiest method to use out of the three listed here. All you have to do is brush the product onto your carpet and vacuum thereafter. It does a pretty good job and you may not have considered using it before.

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