The Best Fertilizer for Tobacco Plants

The tobacco plant is not only great to look at, but also easy to grow and even easier to maintain over time. tobacco can be grown as a beautiful ornamental plant in your garden. It adds a great variety and filler to your already developed landscape, with pretty flowers and vibrant green foliage. In the beginning of growing your tobacco plant, you will need to provide more care than when it is a fully grown and mature. One key component in the success of your tobacco plant is in the fertilizer. Follow this guide to find the best fertilizer for your crop.

1 – Generic Tomato and Pepper Fertilizer

In the absence of finding special fertilizer for your young tobacco plant, you can purchase a regular fertilizer that is used for tomatoes and peppers. You can purchase this type of fertilizer at any home and garden center or home improvement store.

2 – Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a great natural fertilizer for your tobacco plant. Nitrogen is a natural element that will promote the rapid growth of your plant, including the root system, stems and foliage. If your plants are looking stunted, apply a good dose of nitrogen to create a great hardy plant for long term success and enjoyment.

3 – Phosphoric Acid as a Potash

Like nitrogen, this will speed the development and processing of the tobacco plant. This type of fertilizer is water soluble, breaking down with ease in any moist soil composition. It is widely available and produced as an organic material for organic growing purposes. It comes in both liquid and dry solutions, either of which may be used to fertilize your tobacco plants.

4 – Calcium Nitrate

Calcium nitrate may be used as a complement to phosphoric acid fertilizing treatments. Calcium nitrate is soluble in water and will produce higher yields of tobacco and a better color of leaf and stem. It helps the absorption of carbon dioxide and the expelling of oxygen.

5 – Bulldog Soda Fertilizer

Bulldog Fertilizer is a brand name of a sodium nitrate fertilizer combination. It comes as a white granular substance and is used to make plants look a richer greener color. It is found mainly in the mines of Chile, and it is extremely high in nitrogen content. Apply the fertilizer like you would any other common dry fertilizer. Apply before or after a gentle rain. Exposing it to too much moisture during application will cause severe clumping. This is a very hard product to find, but is extremely effective in helping to develop the tobacco plant from germination.