The Best Green Drink: 7 Organic Remedies The Best Green Drink: 7 Organic Remedies

The best green drink, like most of these organic drinks, will contain a remedy for some form of deficiency. Some of these drinks can give you energy and some of these drinks can help you relax. The best green or organic beverage is tea.

Organic Tea Remedies

  1. Chamomile – Chamomile is most often found in beverages such as tea. You can purchase organic green tea from your local supermarket or online.  Chamomile is an herb that naturally induces a sleepy feeling.
  2. Ginseng – You can find this herb in teas that promote energy.
  3. Valerian – This herb is generally used to induce sleep and relaxation.  It is also thought to help with memory.
  4. Dill Tea – Helps cure an upset stomach.
  5. Fennel Tea – Can help with vision.
  6. Catnip Tea – Induces relaxation relieves migraine headaches and help with insomnia.  We are just learning about the benefits of this herb which is no longer just for cats.
  7. Thyme – Can help with bad breath, ease pain, and relieve gas pain. It has been used for centuries because of its versatility.

The list of beneficial green teas could go on forever. Tea has also proven to lower the risk of some types of cancer because of the natural antioxidants that it holds. If you are going to drink something other than water, tea is the best choice for you.

Preparation of Tea

Sweetened iced tea is a favorite among the southeastern parts of the U.S. You prepare your tea in much the same fashion as you would hot tea, but instead of boiling up one cup, you boil up enough for a gallon sized pitcher. After it has cooled you are ready to serve it.  You usually pour it over a glass of ice and add either real or artificial sugar.  Be thoughtful as to how much sugar you use, you may be outweighing positive effects, with negative ones.
Hot tea is found all over the U.S. This method is standard for tea. You boil you water and then pour it piping hot into a cup and allow your tea bag to rest inside the water for a few minutes. You can then add any milk and sugar for added flavor.

Fruit Tea

Fruit flavored tea is a popular method of preparation on the west coast of the U.S. Almost every restaurant you visit will have a small spot on the beverage menu that will contain various fruit flavored tea.  Raspberry is most common.

Healthier Mind

Herbal teas can alleviate a whole slew of conditions from lack of energy to having too much energy. The antioxidants found in tea have a natural cancer minimizing effect. Overall your body will be better off if, you choose tea over things like soda or sports drinks. If prepared correctly tea can also be very tasty. You mind and body will be in better functioning condition, when consuming tea when you want something other than water.

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