The Best Ideas for Wedding Candy Favors The Best Ideas for Wedding Candy Favors

Giving your guests wedding candy favors as a token is a sure way to keep your wedding day alive in their heart and memory. Over time candy will deteriorate; therefore it should be wrapped in small cellophane candy bags and presented in a container which is attractive and long lasting.

Location Theme Favors

Your favors can echo your wedding theme. If yours is going to be a beach wedding you can buy small palm trees decorated with sea shells and fill the base trunk areas with nuts or candy. If you have set your heart on the reception room of some romantic castle your wedding favors can repeat the theme with miniature castles or knights in armor.                         

Seasonal Themes

If you are going to have a Christmas wedding, you can get small pine tree saplings, wrap nuts or candy in small pieces of tulle and using cellophane tape anchor them to the tree’s base to imitate Christmas presents; another idea would be mini sleighs filled with candy.

For a Valentine day wedding you can get candy hearts displayed in attractive gift boxes.

If you are getting married in autumn, a Halloween motif such as votive candles wrapped in tulle and tied with an attractive ribbon can be your choice. Candy Halloween treats wrapped in small cellophane candy bags can be put inside the box along with the candle. A candle for all seasons is the candle in the form of a wedding cake which is sold in many outlets and on the net.

No Theme Favors

If there is no particular theme that you are tied to, you have more room for choice. A graceful token would be ceramic swans decorated with candy in tulle on the swans’ hollow back; foil covered or silver coated Jordan almonds in a black and white gift box are very attractive and eye catching. Tin boxes painted with a wedding motif are very popular and make attractive ornaments when the candy inside is eaten. The boxes can be hinged or unhinged and come in all shapes and sizes.

Make Your Own Favors

If you are handy with a crotchet hook or lace making is your hobby, you can create your very own candy pouches to hold the candy of your choice. You can have the candy personalized with your names or your wedding date. Another idea is to buy small, plain terracotta pots, paint them with an exotic design or a wedding theme, add the candy, a small personalized card and a pretty ribbon and you have a favor at a small cost price.

When choosing your wedding favors keep in mind your budget, the number of guests you have, the chosen theme, and the message you want to convey to your guests. If your budget provides no problem you can go for the more expensive favors in elegant crystal or silver or personalized fine wine and champagne bottles. If the number of guests is small it won’t break your budget but if your guest list is longer than your pocket book can accommodate, you have to go for less costly items which you can even buy in bulk to reduce the cost. Even on a small budget you can still find attractive favors that your guests will enjoy.

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