The Best Places for Strap Hinges in Your Home The Best Places for Strap Hinges in Your Home

Strap hinges have many uses both in and outdoors. A strap hinge is larger than standard hinges, and are typically used in areas where a decorative hinge will work. Here are some ideas for strap hinge usage:

Double Doors or Gates

If you have a gated sun room, or a room that has large swing doors, a strap hinge can be used. They will secure the door or gate while providing a decorative touch.

Stand Alone Cabinets

If you have a cabinet that has a very heavy door, such as a glass gun case or display cabinet, the strap hinge can add extra security while taking the weight of the door. These aren't very popular for standard kitchen cabinets, but for pantries or other cabinets that are not found in sequence they are heavily used.

Decorative Purposes

Strap hinges have been used for decades, and are commonly found on antique trunks and armories. Because they have been around for so long, they are popular to use as a decorative addition to furniture or walls. Many people will use strap hinges to hang plants from. They are also commonly added to doors that don't actually need them just to add interest. These are called dummy hinges since they aren't actually necessary.

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