The Best Room Colors For Your Home

Colored walls can make all the difference between plain and lively home dècor. In fact, some of the best room colors for your home can actually change your mood in addition to a beautiful update.

Before Starting

Before getting started, check out the furniture and the carpeting in the room. Ask questions youself how will a new color blend with the sofa? Will it clash? Will you be painting the entire room or just one wall? Will your accessories look bad with a completely new color? Will your carpet look dirty?

Think Small

Once you’ve decided on the appropriate color, you might want to start out small. Try painting an accent wall with the color. Painting a smaller area will give you a good idea of how the color will ultimately look and it might even save time in the long run if it doesn’t look like you want it.

Choosing Colors

As for what colors to choose, it's a well known fact that brighter colors including yellow and orange hues tend to make moods lift for the better. Painting the kitchen or a sunroom with a bright yellow or orange will brighten the room even more.

Dark Means Comfort

On the other side of the color spectrum, brown and rust-colored hues tend to make rooms feel more warm and comfortable. For example, a chocolate brown shade on the walls of a Media Room may close the walls in, which is great for cozy entertaining. A rust-colored hue painted in the library can also give off a sense of warmth and comfort.

Pales Equate Calm

Of course, colors such as mauves, lavenders, and other soft pale rose tones are great for turning dull rooms into those that evoke a sense of calm. Try painting plain white laundry rooms, as well as master bedrooms these tones. Softer hues can certainly make going to be bed more relaxing.

Whites Used for Basics

White tones like Swiss Chocolate and Eggshell are often reserved for ceilings, baseboards, doors, and other woodwork in order to keep the areas feeling clean and simple.

Cool Colors

Blue and green tones often give off a sense of cool. Reds do the opposite and generate excitement.

Kids’ Rooms

Kids’ bedrooms on the other hand are often painted super bright colors like those in the pink family for girls and deep purples for boys.

Regardless of what color you opt for, know that your walls and ceilings will definitely look a lot better than they did before when they were just plain white. In other words, get busy and let your walls sing!