The Best Spots for Motion Sensor Lights

A motion sensor light shows the outline of a hooded figure with a crowbar.
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Motion sensor lights are a great way to deter would-be intruders. Not only do they dissuade thieves by limiting their number of hiding places, but they can also put your mind at ease knowing your home is well protected. But buying a good set of motion sensor lights is only half the battle. Knowing where to place them is key to getting the most out of your home security. Here is a quick guide on the best spots for motion sensor lights around your property.

The Garage

The garage is one of the most popular places to install motion sensor lights. Thieves will typically target valuables or cars that are parked right outside of the garage door. Placing lights on both sides of the door is a good way to deter would-be burglars. You should also consider installing motion sensors inside the garage. It will help deter thieves and give you a good source of light when you are working on projects.

Exterior Entryways

A motion sensor light on a brick house.

The front and back doors of your home are obvious places to install motion sensor lights. But these are not the only entryways in your home. Thieves will generally avoid the front and back doors and try to gain access via an open window or side door. Motion lights in these areas can surprise intruders and help keep your home safe. You can also consider installing sensors near gate openings and along the driveway for maximum security.

Outdoor Walkways

Having motion sensor lights on your home’s walkways serves dual purposes. On one hand, they can illuminate dark areas around your home which will deter potential thieves. This also discourages intruders from using walkways and strolling right up to the door. On the other hand, they can help guide guests to your front door whenever you are hosting parties. This also helps to avoid unwanted accidents, especially if you have elderly guests that frequent your home.

Natural Hiding Places

Thieves usually do not stick to beaten paths when they try to enter your home. Instead, they stick to the shadows and use dark areas to get as close to the home as possible without getting spotted. To that end, consider installing motion sensor lights in places that are potential hiding spots. This includes gardens, pools, trees, and large open spaces. Placing lights in these locations will limit where intruders can hide, which could make them reconsider your home altogether.

Backyard And Sides Of House

A motion sensor light on a house.

The front of the home is usually the first place people think of when installing motion sensor lights. But the backyard and sides of the house are just as important. After all, burglars are most likely to approach the house either from the back or side — not the front. You can combat this by installing the lights in the backyard and sides of the house, especially if there are any entryways located in these spots.

Places To Avoid

You should avoid placing motion sensor lights near windows for two reasons. First, reflections caught by the window can make the sensor go off, leaving you wondering if an intruder is lurking when nobody is there. Secondly, the window can also trick the light into thinking that nobody is there, rendering it basically useless. Apart from windows, you should also think twice about installing a motion sensor light near a heat source, which can also give off a false reading.

General Tips

When putting the motion sensor lights in place, you should install them as high as possible. This will give the light a wider range of coverage and keep it out of reach of criminals. That being said, if you install the lights too high you run the risk of them being too dim by the time they reach the ground. You should also consider securing the lights to the house and hiding power cables ensuring that the wires are not exposed.