The Best Upright Carpet Cleaner Shampoo The Best Upright Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

Choose the right shampoo for your upright carpet cleaner to get the most out of your machine.

The Case for the Manufacturer’s Cleaner

Any cleaner that you rent or buy will likely come with a shampoo that is compatible with the device, or at least suggest a brand. This may be the safest choice for shampoo to use: in case something goes wrong, you will have followed the manufacturer's instructions, so they will be at fault. While the company's product may give you the best performance for your specific cleaner, however, you may want to choose a different or specialized shampoo. 

What to Look For

The most important thing to look for in carpet shampoo is the foam. The active chemical that produces the foam is called sodium lauryl sulfate, and the higher it is on the ingredients list, the most there will be in the solution. Also look for shampoos that feature any type of anti-resoiling product. Shampoo can be sticky, and any residue can actually cause the carpet to attract dirt faster. Anything ingredient that can prevent stickiness will help make your cleaning last longer.

All-Natural Solutions

Some all-natural solutions work with upright carpet cleaners, but many fail to work as well as other types of shampoos. The goal of these solutions is to use natural ingredients in the place of powerful chemicals. This may be a great way to stay green, but it may not be the best way to actually get your carpet clean.

To some, a cleaner is cleaner. To others, getting the best clean possible is the most important thing to do. By taking the time to look at and compare upright carpet cleaner shampoos, you can be sure to have an effective, long-lasting clean. This helps you avoid shampoos that may be too strong for your carpet, or shampoos that are too watered down to make a difference. Rented or purchased, an upright carpet cleaner will fail to do it’s job unless it has the right solution.

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