The Best Vinyl Siding: 5 Features to Look For The Best Vinyl Siding: 5 Features to Look For

Purchasing the best vinyl siding for your home is a very important and costly step as a homeowner. There are many things to consider, with the least of them being how aesthetically pleasing they may be on your home. The best vinyl siding on the market may not turn out to be the cheapest available, but this is something that you don't want to be overly frugal about. The following article will share with you the features that are important to think about when looking for the best vinyl siding.

1. Cost

The cost of vinyl siding doesn't equate to quality. When shopping around for vinyl siding you have to always keep your budget in mind. Never spend more money than you have in order to purchase vinyl siding with features that you may not need. You can spend thousands of dollars on vinyl siding, so make sure that you know what's important and what isn't.

2. Painting the Siding

Vinyl isn't the easiest thing to paint, so you're limited to a few colors that the vinyl siding is molded in. The best vinyl siding will be able to accept paint without having to finish the vinyl with primer. You can purchase siding that has primer already on it, so you can paint it the color that you want without worrying about doing it wrong and potentially ruining the vinyl siding.

3. Ability to be Cleaned

Vinyl siding can become very dirty over time, but cleaning them can cause some issues. The way that vinyl siding attaches can cause water to get trapped behind it. This can cause damage if it persists, such as mildew and mold. Vinyl siding needs to be firmly attached to the home in order for it to be safely cleaned with a power washer. If not, the vinyl siding could be dislodged and cause pieces of it to fall from the home.

4. Insulation Properties

The best vinyl siding should be much more than pleasing on the eyes. Vinyl siding should not only look good but also be functional. Many homes lose a lot of heat and let cold air in. Insulated vinyl siding adds an extra layer of protection to the outside of the home. This type of vinyl siding is among the most expensive you can find on the market. Buying it may limit you in other features you may want.

5. Tight Fitting Siding

Living in an area prone to high winds makes this feature very important. Vinyl siding locks together either horizontally or vertically and the way they connect is that each piece of siding has a row of slots and the other side has tabs. They slide into each other and then lock in place. Cheaper vinyl siding will have anywhere from two to four locks, but a tight fitting vinyl should have at least six, otherwise high winds could send your vinyl siding flying.

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