The Best White Water Rafting in the North East

In the northeast, you can find some of the best white water rafting rivers in the country. Most of these rivers are classified as Class II and higher. Only a few rivers in this area have Class I ratings, so experience and skill are needed. If you are looking for a white water rafting adventure, you can head over to the northeast and visit some of the best white water rafting areas in the country.

Ashuelot River

Ashuelot River is located in New Hampshire and is a tributary river of Connecticut River. This river is classified as a Class III to IV. It is approximately 103 kilometers long and flows through a mountainous area, including the Monadnock Region which is the source of its high rapid state. This river is also the longest tributary of the Connecticut River located within the state of New Hampshire.

Bearcamp River

Another popular white water river in the northeast is the Bearcamp River, also in New Hampshire. Classified as Class II to IV, this 26.3 mile river is located at the end of the White Mountains. You can expect a lot of rapids with swift bends. It is part of the Saco River watershed which leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Bearcamp River rises in Sandwich Notch and goes back down over Beedle Falls. Expect to find huge boulders on the river, so skilled hands are needed to maneuver safely. There are 2 major rapids in this river you need to look out for which are well defined and are separated by stretches of flat.

Dead River

The Dead River in Maine is another popular location for white water rafting. The river ranges from Class II to Class IV+ so if you do plan to go on a white water rafting trip it is advisable to practice extreme caution, particularly since rapids may change quickly. The rafting run lasts for 15 miles, which will take you about 5 hours to complete. Dead River is a great choice for full day white water rafting trips. From the southern shore of the Dead River you will see the Bigelow Mountain Range, which provides a scenic run.

Rapid River

The name Rapid River says it all. This is a short river with most spots classified as Class IV. Rapid River runs from Lower Richardson Lake to Umbagog Lake. Only 5.25 miles, the Rapid River flows through White Mountains which accounts for its majestic scenery. A white water rafting trip in this river requires experience and skill since it is mostly large waves and large rocks. There are also some sections where large drops are expected.

Rockaway River

Another Class IV white water river is the Rockaway River in Bontoon, New Jersey. This tributary of Passaic River is 35 miles that run through wooded mountainous valleys and the suburbs. The river also passes through Bontoon Gorge, starting with the Bontoon Falls falling 25 feet. A portion of the Rockaway River has a continuous Class III and IV rapids. However, there is a 1 mile respite which is ideal for paddling.