The Best Wood for Fireplace Hearth Nights

Wood for Fireplace comes from a wide variety of trees, with each type of wood burning in it’s own, unique way. Those who are looking to create a warm, intimate atmosphere on a romantic night in can choose from several types of wood that will fill the room with a pleasant scent and burn as long – or as boringly, as needed.

Potential Firewood for Hearth Nights

Regardless of what type is chosen, the firewood must be dry. This will ensure that it will burn without producing too much smoke and leaving creosote deposits in the chimney. There are many types of firewood to choose from.  Their advantages and disadvantages are outlined below:

  • Apple – burns slowly and steadily while filling the room with an apple-like scent. However, it does not burn very brightly.
  • Cedar – burns with lots of crackle and snap, it generates lots of heat while feeling the room with one of the most pleasant smells wood can produce. However, it suffers from the same weakness as apple wood.
  • Cherry – burns slowly and warmly, with a scent only slightly less pleant than cedar.
  • Oak – a classic novelists’ firewood of choice, it doesn’t smell very pleasantly, but it looks good while burning, lasting for a long time without leaving much residue.
  • Pine – burns brightly and beautifully with an attractive scent to match. Unfortunately, it is prone to spit – in other words, small sparks are far more likely to escape the fireplace than with other wood.
  • Thorn – burns slowly while generating less smoke than other types of firewood and will fill the room with the scent of walnut.