The Cost of Structural Insulated Panels

stacks of wood panel

Structural insulated panels have quickly become the material of choice for building homes and other buildings. The SIPs are made through the combination of polystyrene foam that is sandwiched between two panels of OSB board, plywood, or even cement fiberboard. This type of building panel not only provides quality insulation, but also strong structural integrity.

Environmentally Safe

One of the great things about the structural insulated panels is the fact that they can have organic materials for the insulation. Materials like straw and hay give the SIPs incredible thermal protection, while still keeping the integrity of the panel sound. They are also safe for the environment by not using any plastics or non-biodegradable material.

Insulated Panels Benefits

The way that the SIPs are built is their main benefit. The insulation in the middle forms a structural bond with the outer skins for great strength along the width and the length of the panel. Most panels are also manufactured in standard sizes of 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. Another advantage is in the insulative properties of the insulated panels. This type of structure creates an air-tight seal that leaves no room for any thermal bridges.

Costs of SIPs

The structural insulated panels are wildly popular in areas where new construction is booming and houses need to be erected quickly. The ease of building with the panels is something that both contractors and do-it-yourself builders enjoy. While the advantages of the structural insulated panels vastly outweigh other materials, the cost can be a little prohibitive for some homeowners.

Variables Play A Part

When it comes to pricing the individual structural insulated panels, there are many variables that must be factored into the mix. Many manufacturers do not go into specifics about price until they know the exact parameters and specifications about where they are going to be used. However, for the most part, the homeowner will need to know some things like what thickness of SIP they need, the elevation of the area where the building is located, which walls will be using the SIPs, snow load requirements, and even pitch of the roof if they are used in that capacity. Each of these variables will determine how the SIP is manufactured, which results in the cost.

Ballpark Figures

When it comes to getting a fix on the rate at which your new building, renovation, or outbuilding will cost, the most that you can hope for is a ballpark figure. Many of the SIPs that are being manufactured today can range from $45 to $75 per panel. This can mean a considerable cost if there is a lot of coverage for the home. Many times, though, the costs can be cut down by only using the SIPs on outside walls, or along walls where there is the most wind.

Long Term Savings

While the initial costs of the structural insulated panels can be quite high, they do lead to long term savings. Homeowners will notice an immediate savings in their heating costs. Because of the insulative properties, savings of 15 percent to even 35 percent can be seen on yearly heating bills.