The Costs of Sailboat Maintenance

Owning and maintaining a sailboat can be costly because they require constant upkeep and high quality parts and equipment. There is not an exact figure that applies to every sailboat. Sailboats range from 10 foot models that are little more than a hull and mast, to enormous yachts with multiple masts, berths and huge crews. The costs are a reflection of the particular boat.

Sailboat Costs to Consider

Among the initial costs involved with owning a sailboat–besides the sailboat itself–are sails, personal flotation devices, nautical rope or lines, flares, fire extinguishers and other required safety equipment. Necessary hardware includes sail hanks, sail covers, sail bags, winch handles, engine maintenance tools and all-weather protective clothing.

Sailboat Upkeep

When you purchase a sailboat, its standing rigging will be included–usually even sails. The running rigging–halyards and sheets may have to be purchased separately. The costs involve upkeep as well, though. A wooden boat needs to be pulled from the water and resealed annually. Sails get old and worn and need to be replaced. Engines require new parts and maintenance. Lines fray, hardware gets rusty and parts may get lost. It is important to keep a running inventory of everything your sailboat requires and to always keep on top of it.

Before you purchase a sailboat, know the costs that are involved. It requires almost constant maintenance. Additionally, there is the cost of keeping it somewhere–moorage fees, primarily, not to mention the cost of registration and insurance.