The Dangers of Grout Sealer

Grout sealer serves as extra protection to keep moisture and dirt from sinking down into the grout. Some even offer UV protection. Grout sealers, just as other chemical based components, can cause health issues if you are not careful when using them. Grout sealers can be applied using a brush or just sprayed on. 

Harmful Chemicals

Since there are various harmful chemicals contained in most sealers, it is recommended to use them in properly ventilated areas. Sometimes, the vapors from grout sealer can be so strong that you can cause damage to your lungs if too is inhaled. Respiratory problems are a very serious reaction to not taking precautions when using grout sealer. It is always good to step out and get some fresh air frequently when using grout sealer. If your breathing does not seem to get better, seek medical help. Wash your eyes if they come in contact with the sealer and seek medical help.

Catches Fire Easily

The fumes are so strong that if they are left out in the sun for an extended period of time, they could catch on fire. Protect your skin by wearing gloves and safety goggles while using the grout sealer.