The Dangers of Kayak Shark Fishing

Kayak shark fishing is a fun sport but the dangers are much greater than those experienced in conventional fishing. Kayak shark fishing has become a major event for many people in the United States who reside on the eastern seaboard. It is a very dangerous sport and if you plan on participating in it, here are some points to consider:

A Sense Of The Elements

Using sound judgement about the water, sharks and the elements is the best way to start. The rougher the weather conditions are, the more dangerous kayak shark fishing becomes.

Sturdy Kayak

Remember that the kayak is not a large boat, which means that it can easily be overtuned and your life could be in jeopardy. Make sure that your kayak is sturdy and can handle the rough water.

Shark Knowledge

Many people have been attacked while kayak shark fishing. An individual suffered bites to the head and legs while engaging in this sport. The most dangerous sharks to watch out for are: spinners; tiger; bull and sand sharks.


It wouldn't hurt to carry a weapon of some sort during this sport since you never know what you may come upon. Remember that sharks are territorial creatures and are unpredictable in many circumstances.