The Differences In Chain Saw Power

Differences in chain saw power start with the size of the engine that drives the cutting chain. Large engines drive larger chains that may be employed felling huge trees. Smaller engines might power small around-the-yard sized chain saws for typical home maintenance use. Choosing the right power depends on the specific task you wish to perform.

Chain Saw Size Determination

A chain saw is measured by both the chain bar size and the engine displacement, or size. All types of chain saws used for home maintenance range between a 10-inch to 20-inch blades with engine powers between 30 cc (cubic centimeters) to 55 cc. You can also choose between a gas chain saw and an electric chain saw as well.

Small Amount of Work

If your need for using a chain saw is the occasional cutting of damaged tree limbs, then you may not need one more powerful than a 30 cc to 45 cc engine that can handle chain bars from 10 inches to 14 inches. These powered chain saws are ideal for spring clean-ups where a nominal amount of use is expected. Keep in mind that amount of work is also directly proportionate to the size of the engine and not necessarily the size of the blade.

Medium Amount of Work

A good size engine and blade combination when looking for a chain saw to cut limbs and other limited amount of cutting chores would fall into the 40 cc to 50 cc area with 14-inch to 16-inch chain bars. These chain saws are great tools for larger scale spring clean-ups where you may want to fell a tree or two as well as cut some small logs for use as firewood. However, these sized chain saws may prove a disappointment if you intend to try working it on a daily schedule cutting limbs or firewood. Constant work may require a larger engine for stronger power to drive a larger chain blade.

Homeowner Workhorses

A great size to choose for daily or a great deal of work is a chain saw in the 50 cc to 60 cc power range. These sized engines can easily power 18-inch to 20-inch chain saw bars. This size chain saw can be a homeowner’s best friend when needed on a daily basis to cut cords of wood that are going to season for next year’s use. The power and blade size will make the tool usable felling most any tree found on the property in an efficient manner without jamming or clogging as long as the machine has been well maintained.

Professional Capacity

If you depend upon a chain saw for your livelihood, choosing the correct power and size is a great decision. Most professional saws will range from 50 cc-sized engines on up to more than 120 cc-sized engines. Sometimes homeowners choose a professional sized chain saw to match the dependability with the need for constant work or if the cutting jobs on the property require a larger powered saw.

It is a good tip to consult your chain saw retail professional who can help guide you toward the purchase of the properly powered saw with the necessary size cutting bar to meet your specific needs.